June 2023 Specials Update

Better Burgers From Better Beef

Summer in the Northeast is on the horizon and we are beginning to fire up our grills and listen to the sweet sounds of burgers sizzling. As you gear up for the Fourth of July and those summer cookouts with friends and family, our grass-finished beef is here to set you up for success in serving up the perfect patty!

Our partner farmers raise cows locally and on pasture – eating grass and living as they were meant to. Unlike beef labeled as “grass-fed” but finished with grain at feedlots, all Walden beef is grass-fed and finished, meaning they are fed only grass and never grain throughout their lives. Even though this practice takes more time and means more work for our partners, we’re all confident that the end result is a better tasting and healthier product!

Keeping the cows on pasture has additional benefits. Regular rotation of the grazing areas allows the grass to rest and its roots to grow deeper, resulting in a more nutrient-rich feed. This practice not only captures carbon and prevents erosion but also nurtures a diverse microbiome. These benefits extend from the soil to the grass, to the cows, and eventually to your plate.

Even if it’s one burger at a time, when you choose Walden beef for your summer gatherings, you’re supporting a regional agricultural system that prioritizes practices benefiting people, animals, and the planet. Thank you for your continued support and enjoy a fantastic summer!

P.S. Heading out of town this summer? Change your address or delivery date on your member page to work with your travel schedule!

New this month:

Mixed Grill Pack

Upgrade your next BBQ with our Mixed Grill Pack, featuring juicy grass-fed burger patties, savory pasture-raised sausages, and delicious franks. Perfect for grilling, our pack has everything you need to enjoy a variety of meats and flavors at your next cookout.

mixed grill

Firecracker Sausage

Ignite your taste buds with our seasonal Fire Cracker Seasonal Sausage. Handcrafted with a perfect blend of Walden Pork, spicy smoked paprika, black pepper, cayenne, and more, this sausage packs a flavorful punch with just the right amount of spice.


Burger Starter Pack

Introducing our burger starter pack! Upgrade your burger game with 5 pounds of our grass-fed ground beef and 2 packs of jack style cheese made with raw A2 milk; you’ll have everything you need to make incredible burgers at home!

burger starter

Spring Favorites Sausage Pack

Celebrate Spring with our selection of delicious pasture-raised and locally sourced sausages, including Honey, Garlic & Ginger, Hot Italian, and Smoked Kielbasa, this pack is the perfect way to enjoy the fresh flavors of the season.

Smoker Heroes

Take your barbecue game to the next level with our Smoker Heroes pack, featuring Grass-fed Half Brisket, Pasture-raised Whole Spare Ribs, and Pork Picnic Roast. Made with high-quality, sustainably raised meats, our Smoker Heroes pack is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to impress their guests with a delicious and flavorful barbecue feast.

Smoker Heroes


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