Made cracklings from your chicken skin

I tried your chicken skin and did cracklings in the oven.! OMG!! They could be addictive. 10 min at 400 convection oven 425 regular each side starting skin side down. I sprinkled mine with a little Creole seasoning. I did check online before I purchased them and was surprised that they are not as bad to eat as I thought. A lot of good fat in them. I also liked that I found out I could do them in the oven and not deep fry. I ate a few and then put them in the fridge. I figured I would have to put them back in the oven when I went to snack on them but to my surprise they stayed just as crisp in the fridge!

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The skin is one of my favorite parts about Walden chicken! If you end up having any leftover that you don’t use for snacking, I bet they would be awesome cut into strips as a salad topper

I had thought the same thing! Unfortunately they did not last long in the fridge cause every time I walked by I took a piece. But I will definitely buy the packaged skin again. I remember when I started with Waldens I saw the packs of skin and wondered what in the world did people do with those!! LOL I am loving being able to try new things because of their offerings and great service!

I had a similar experience with chicken backs. Turns out, they are the perfect product for making chicken tortilla soup. I usually coat the backs in olive oil and seasoning and stuff with some veggies. They cook much faster than a whole chicken, which is great for cutting down on active cooking time. Once they cool, i’ll pick off the meat (there’s a decent amount still on the bird) and put it in a tupperware until everything else is ready. The carcasses go straight in the crock pot with the roasted veggies and 8 hours later you have an awesome stock! Shredded chicken goes back in the stock with a can of diced tomato, hominy or black beans, and jalapeño for the last 15 minutes before serving. Garnish with chips and shredded cheese! It takes a little time, but it’s totally worth it.

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Wow! Thank you for sharing!! Chicken backs are another thing that I would not normally buy! I love getting new ideas! When I was a kid my mom who grew up on a farm in VT used to make pigs feet in tomato sauce with spaghetti. I loved it so I tried the trotters that way. Brought back memories of my mom’s cooking! Then I got brave and tried the whole pork hock. I was a little intimidated by the size and was thankful it went into my crock pot. I cooked all day until everything was falling off the bones. Amazing! Of course I did look online first and found all the benefits of the collagen in them so I felt good about it!

That’s awesome, good for you for trying the whole hock! I had pretty good success making shweinshaxe, and agreed the collagen adds a whole new dimension. I was reading The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball recently… aside from wanting to start a horse powered farm, the other inspiring thing from it was her changing relationships with food. She has one passage where she describes trying a liver dish and having this ‘Ah Ha’ moment of tasting it and her body recognizing ‘this is what I need, give me more!’ I haven’t quite worked up the courage to try cooking liver myself, but I’ve definitely noticed a quality of life difference in how I shop and what I eat since joining Walden.

I have been doing liver forever! That is one of the meals my mom and I shared when I was a kid. When you grow up on a farm you don’t waste anything. Unfortunately now I have to share with my pug! Right now I have Walden chicken livers and beef liver in my freezer. I cook vidalia onions in a fry pan with olive oil. I used to coat the liver with flour but don’t bother anymore. I was actually surprise how tender their beef liver is considering I have always used calves liver from the store. I agree sometimes it’s is almost like you feel it gives your body or blood a boost! Many years ago I had a boyfriend from VA that taught me about chicken livers. To this day I still coat lightly with flour and put in the frying pan with olive oil and sprinkle with poultry seasoning. Give them a try sometime! The other thing they have that I am not sure about yet is chicken feet! Have you done anything with those?