Meat availability


I was curious when lamb would be back in stock.

I was also curious if you be providing wild game meat, such as venison, at some point in the future.


Thanks for reaching out about lamb! My name is Cole and I work on the supply team here at Walden. We are always working hard to source lamb for our members and hope to have more available in the future. Part of the challenge is that the lamb industry as a whole is a bit more finicky than our other core proteins and can be somewhat volatile as a result. For example, we’ve seen record highs and lows in the nationwide lamb market during the last couple years and continue to see significant variability in the region. In most of New England there are often limited options for lamb processing as well as feed that is compliant with our standards. Much of the lamb in the Northeast is slaughtered at a very young age and raised on a concentrated, corn-based diet with minimal pasture access.

That doesn’t align very well with our core mission and our members tend to prefer slightly older lamb that enjoy a good life on pasture with plenty of grass and a high level of animal welfare. We hope to have lamb back for our members soon, but I can assure you that we would never compromise our standards in order to do that. While we can’t commit to a firm timeline right now, we do have some partner farmers that we’re working with to develop a stable supply chain, and are as eager as you are to see lamb return to our program.


I also hope to see lamb back. As for the other question on the wild game meat, will that ever be an option or something you will not be getting into. I would also be interested as I have been trying things from you that I would not normally buy and I have been enjoying the variety.

FWIW, I would eat chevon (goat’s meat) and mutton if it were available. Sometimes these are available as byproducts of cheese processors.

Here are some screen shots from a video we’re releasing soon where we followed Cole during an audit of a solar grazing site in New York. Thought this might provide a little visual context!

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Thanks for your answer, as I have been wondering the same.