mRNA vaccines in livestock

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I am a new client/member and hopeful this will be the way to provide my family with wholesome, healthy meat. Has there been discussion in this group about the growing concern over mRNA injected food, especially meat? I am hoping that we will have some kind of guarantee that the Walden Meats products are, and will remain, mRNA “vaccine” free.

If you havent heard about this issue here is a well sourced article.

Beef Producers Panic Over mRNA Vaccine News


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Hi Cindy! Thanks for reaching out! There are no current mRNA vaccines licensed for use in beef cattle in the US. Our farmers do vaccinate our herds (as is recommended for their health and safety), but the diseases they vaccinate for are not using or testing mRNA vaccines. While we don’t anticipate it coming up, we’ve also directed our partners to not administer any mRNA vaccines without consulting Walden first. Let us know if we can clarify anything further!


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Thank you!!! Is it then safe to assume that, if mRNA “vaccines” are being considered OR are being adopted, that Walden Local Meats will notify us promptly?

I hate to be such a stickler on this, but the mRNA shots given to animals that we eat are COVID “vaccines” 2.0, and we’ve seen the devastating death and injury counts worldwide. I hear it’s even being tried in vegetables!

Thank you!

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Hi Jane,
We don’t anticipate our partner farmers changing their practices, but any major changes to our standards would be reported to our members.