New Butcher Shop Class Dates!

JOIN US for an interactive and intimate evening in our butcher! Guests will also taste wine and receive a generous mix of cuts from each evening’s demonstration.

See Our New Class Dates Here!


Come meet our team and learn how to make your own sausages from our pasture-raised pork! This hands on class at our downtown butcher shop will teach you everything you need to know! Tickets are available with and without alcohol included. Alcohol includes 3-4 different varieties of beer and wine. Class sizes are limited to 6 attendees.

Join us as we break down an entire side of pork and discuss the customs and techniques of whole animal butchery! The art of butchery has evolved through the years, bending to the needs and customs of the world’s many cultures, while remaining remarkably rooted in tradition. At this class, we will continue the storied practice of actually knowing where our meat comes from. You’ll also take home at least the 3lbs of pork cuts!

What makes meat meat? Why are some cuts tough while others tender? How does this affect flavor and what is the connection to cooking temperatures? Why use that knife rather than this one? All great questions! As we demonstrate the techniques we use to both hang and table break a side of pork, we will discuss:

Tools and Techniques:

  • Seam breaking (what is it?)
  • Hang vs table breaking
  • Types of knives and grip styles
  • Handsaw use
  • Tying with butchers twine

The basics of Pork:

  • What it is and its characteristics (flesh vs meat)
  • Muscle structure: muscle fibers, types of proteins
  • Connective tissue (collagen, fat, and bone)
  • What makes pork different than beef and lamb (why do we “cure” pork and “dry-age” beef?)

We love talking meat! Please come and start (or continue) a conversation!