November 2022 Specials Update


It’s finally turkey season, and Walden is hard at work preparing to fulfill all of our thanksgiving share orders. Providing our members with pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys involves a lot of long hours in the cold fall weather, but it’s worth it knowing that we can deliver tastier, healthier food straight to your door. We thank Norm Zimmerman of Hoosick Falls, NY and Tim Haws of Romulus, NY for their commitment to sustainable agriculture and raising turkeys outside, where they belong, foraging freely.

We have a lot of exciting news this month including the introduction of our new CEO Nancy Pak! Read our welcome post here!

Walden also has a new referral program we’re calling “Give Get Give!” Help us spread the word of Walden and earn $25 for yourself, $25 for a friend, and $25 for a local organization in need! Click here to learn more.

There are lots of exciting, local specials on your member page this month! Here are some highlights for November:

Juniper Salami

This delicious salami is bright, clean, and reminiscent of northern Italy’s alpine landscape where juniper reigns supreme. The perfect fall addition to your charcuterie board!

Beef Round Roast

A lean round roast excellent for stews, slow roasting or a delicious pot roast!

Pasture-raised Lamb

Lamb has returned to our monthly specials! Check out our available cuts including leg steak, shoulder chops, and shanks!

Organic, Grass-fed Egg Nog

Our egg nog is made from 100% grass-fed, organic, A2 milk and is unlike anything you can find in a grocery store!