October 2022 Specials Update


October is here! It’s time for crisp air, and delicious slow cooked meals. There’s nothing quite like a nice long braise during a cool fall afternoon. Our grass-fed Beef Brisket is perfect for slow cooking, or maybe pickup some of our grass-fed Ground Beef to make an amazing chili.

The fall season is also a busy time for our farming partners. Chicken farmers are wrapping up their seasons, hogs are out foraging for acorns, and beef farmers are making sure they have enough feed in store to keep their animals hearty and fed through the winter.

Halloween will be here soon, so make sure to try some of our fun and spooky ideas from our halloween blog post here! With November on the horizon, we’ve also launched our Thanksgiving shares for order. Our pasture-raised turkeys are in limited supply, so make sure to dive into all of our holiday offerings to have yourself a truly unique and LOCAL thanksgiving!

Every delivery our members receive helps support our mission and encourage our farmers, butchers, and employees to do things the right way. Thank you for supporting our mission! Here are some local highlight items on our Monthly Specials Page for October:

Cranberry Woods Tallow Candle

Made from Walden grass-fed tallow, this candle will fill your house with the refreshing scent of cranberries and the fresh pine! Hand-poured by Red from Red’s Apothecary - Red also happens to be our On Road Operations Manager who helps make sure your share arrives to your doorstep every month!

Jack Style Cheese

Our grass-fed, jack-style cheese is a perfect “all uses” cheese for recipes, melting, or just slicing and enjoying on a fresh charcuterie board.

Octoberfest Sausage

Our special Octoberfest beer sausage is made with beer from our friends at Night Shift Brewing and is the perfect fall sausage!

Chicken Wings

Unlike any chicken wings you’ve ever had! These delicious wings are fully pasture-raised, local full wings.(drumette+wing).

Member Favorites Sausage Pack

Try our member favorite sausage flavors! One Sweet Italian, Chorizo, seasonal Firecracker, and Kielbasa sausage.

Thanksgiving Shares Are Here!

We’re excited to now be offering holiday shares for thanksgiving! We have a large selection of local specials (like whole turkeys and egg nog!) that we’ll be highlighting over the next couple of weeks. Thanksgiving shares are separate from your regular share and can be ordered here.

Build A Thanksgiving Share