Our Organic Kefir Has Arrived!

Exciting news! We now have locally made kefir from Tom’s dairy farm!

Kefir is believed to have originated in the Caucasus Mountain region of Eastern Europe where the local people would ferment milk using grain-like colonies of both bacteria and yeast. These symbiotic colonies are known as “Kefir Grains.” The people in that region viewed kefir as a medicinal food and believed it could enhance well-being and longevity.

We pair REAL KEFIR GRAINS with our grass-fed, organic milk containing only A2 proteins. We “slow-culture” our kefir at low temperatures for longer periods of time to bring the flavor of this probiotic drink to life!

This ancient drink, enjoyed for thousands of years, is now available to our members and made locally in Worcester, New York!

See our new dairy items from Tom’s farm here!

Tom and his son.

Tom and his family on their dairy farm.

It’s SO GOOD!!! Thanks for sharing Jory!

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Thank you for bringing this to Walden. Great way to drink your probiotics.

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So delicious! The perfect addition to my morning smoothie :slight_smile: Does anyone have any uses for it other than drinking?

I’ve also been using in smoothies!

Jill just shared this recipe as well: