Scotch Tender Steak

Just received 2 Scotch Tender Steaks in our share. It’s a new cut for me. Looking for cooking suggestions. Thanks!

Hey @kpakula ! We have a full cut guide here:

On Scotch Tender:

General Information
The Shoulder Tender is referred to as a “tender” because it’s shaped like a tenderloin. Used to
support the front legs, the shoulder tender comes from a highly used muscle. This makes it very
flavorful, but tougher than other cuts. The shoulder tender in particular is a portion of the chuck

The Cut
Location: Shoulder
Also Known As: scotch tender

How to Cook
Flavorful and tough, the Shoulder Tender works well with grilling, braising, and pan-searing. We
recommend marinating this cut to enhance flavor. Cook this cut like a tougher cut, don’t rush it!
You can also substitute a Scotch Tender or Petite Tender in shoulder tender recipes.

  1. When searing, have the shoulder tender come to room temperature.
  2. Heat a pan with a high-temperature cooking oil.
  3. Season the steak simply or remove from marinade and pat dry.
  4. Sear quickly for 1-3 minutes per side.
  5. Transfer to a 225-250 degree over and bring the steak to medium rare or rare. This will
    take at least 25-30 minutes.
  6. Remove from the oven and allow to rest before enjoying

Hey there @kpakula !
Another way I found that worked very well to prepare scotch tender is to braise it! I simply diced it up into bitesize pieces, seasoned with salt and pepper, then seared the pieces in a Dutch oven to brown them and give them some good texture. Once browned, I removed from the pot, added in things like chopped onion and garlic, then nestled the beef back in with some chopped potatoes and carrots and stuck in a 300 degree oven for about an hour with a bay leaf, rosemary, thyme, some chicken stock, Worcestershire sauce and some balsamic vinegar. You can choose whatever veggies or additions to make up the braising liquid you like. You could also drop the oven temp and cook for a longer time, but I was in a rush :slight_smile: This should result in a tender, pretty hands off meal!

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I followed Jory’s recipe for 2 shoulder tender steaks and they came out perfectly cooked (medium rare) and surprisingly tender! They were also delicious. Thank you for the recipe!

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Awesome! So glad we could help!

Definitely a tougher cut of meat but love the idea of Walden and introducing me to cuts I normally wouldn’t buy. Followed Jory’s cooking advice and it turned out great. Lot of conflicting info on the Web, almost cooked it hot and fast, glad I didn’t.

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Thank you for sharing Jason! Love hearing these success stories!