Sold Out of many items, why?

I’ve noticed in recent months, that more and more items are listed as “Sold Out”. I was just shopping on the site for Monthly Specials, and everything I might have been interested in, was “Sold Out”.

It’s basically a lot of sausages and not a lot of meat choices. Is there a supply issue going on? For example, I would love to buy some oxtails to make stew, but they are listed on the site as Sold Out, going on 5 months now. I never see any other type of stew meat on the list either. Any chance to have a chuck roast or some short ribs for sale sometime?

Great question! Our supply has not changed over the past couple of months, and we’re thankful and confident in our regional infrastructure to be able to meet what our members are looking for. We did recently update our website, and items that historically would not be visible once unavailable now are listed as sold out. Fortunately we update our specials just about daily, so we hope you’ll take a look again over the course of the month leading up to your share :slight_smile:

As a whole animal program, we prioritize most of our cut items going into our shares. Oxtail and short ribs are also items that there is only a small amount of that item per animal, so they are scarce to begin with. Oxtail is not included within the share program, so while you’re more likely to see it on specials, but there is only one per animal to be selling. If you ever do see something as sold out you’re particularly interested in that is listed this way, we hope you’ll also reach out to our member experience team and we’re happy to check on when it might be back for you! Member Experience can be reached at 978-362-8642 or at

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