Stuffed Pork Belly Recipes?

Wondering if anyone has received the pork belly stuffed with Italian sausage and if so, how did you prepare it? It is sometimes offered as a monthly special. I got it because it looked AMAZING, but not sure how best to cook it…


I have prepared this multiple times by seasoning and searing all sides on medium-high heat (I just did salt and garlic pepper and seared in butter and soy sauce), then stick in a low oven (200-225 degrees) for about 1.5-2 hours until the internal temp hits 160. You’ll end up with a great crust on the outside and a rich and tender inside :slight_smile:


@hmflynn810 if you’re looking for a good guide to follow, this is the one I used when I cooked the stuffed belly the first time: Porchetta: Herb Stuffed Roasted Pork Belly - The Woks of Life. But I would second @Ceilidh in saying that this item doesn’t need a whole lot of seasoning, it’s pretty flavorful as is!


Third on the “low and slow” technique with a twist: I’ve found this technique works really well in my (medium-size) toaster oven. Saves a little energy and doesn’t heat up the kitchen so much in the summer time!

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