What did you get this month? Octoberfest edition

My haul for October:

Share Size: 15-16 lbs
6 Meals Serving 5 People Every Other Month
3x 1lb Bacon
3x 1lb shaved steak
2x 1lb hot Italian sausages
2x 1lb ginger and garlic sausages
3x 1.25 lb NY strip steak
1x 1lb sage sausage links

Monthly Specials/add-ons
Bacon Ends & Pieces - 1 16oz pack
Bulk Ground Beef and Ground Pork - 1 (3 lbs GB + 2 lbs GP)
Octoberfest Sausage - 1 Pack

Felt like my main share was a little lighter than usual this month. More fillers than cuts of meat (one less bacon and shaved steak replaced with something else would have been nice).

Seems like we got a better selection/ratio of items doing 7 meals serving 4 people when we did that previously. At least for my family.

Good deal on the ground meat bulk add on.
Once again one of the ground beef was packaged with the meat at the edge of the heat seal and needed to be defrosted and used immediately.

It seems that every month there’s at least one package that the seal isn’t that great on.
Is anyone else running into this?


Amazing haul! I for-see a lot of delicious cooking in your future :slight_smile:

Bacon ends I just recently tried and they were excellent for breakfast sandwiches. On the variety front, we definitely try to diversify shares as much as we can based on what our farms are able to produce! Sorry to hear about the ground beef packaging. You can always send us a photo so we can look into things like this! Email: members@waldenlocalmeat.com

I’ll make sure to pass the feedback along to our operations team!

Happy cooking!