What is a Share?

Walden Local produces and delivers 100% grass-fed and finished beef, pasture
raised pork and chicken, and wild Atlantic-caught seafood in partnership with
active local farmers across New England and New York. We began in 2013 with a
pilot group of 50 families, and have grown to reach tens of thousands of active member families
from central New Jersey to Portland, Maine. We are pioneering a more sustainable and distributed
agricultural system that makes the best ecological and economic use of our available land, given
the soil and climate characteristics of the region. We also support a system of agriculture in which
farmers and butchers take home a living wage – 55 cents on the retail dollar, rather than the
15 cents common to the mass meat commodity market1.

Walden’s financial success is directly tied to the success of our mission: every
pound of meat we sell builds topsoil, supports animal welfare, and fosters
healthy communities. In addition, the grit and determination of our team members – on full
display in one of our most difficult years yet – has been a primary factor in driving this mission
forward. Waldeneers have a united focus, working together to produce the highest quality food
that replaces industrial meat. Each pound of meat we produce at Walden takes one more pound
out of a system that consumes our world’s limited resources, treats animals as objects, and leads
to chronic health issues in our communities.

Walden’s primary business is a direct-to-consumer share program that allows
individuals, groups, and organizations (our “members”) to sign up for monthly
or bi-monthly deliveries of sustainably raised local meat (the “Share Program”).
Modeled after vegetable Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, and now one of the
largest of our kind in the country, Walden’s Share Program allows a member to buy a portion
of a whole animal (a “Share”). We purchase whole animals from farmers, and using our own
proprietary algorithms, allocate the resulting cuts across our members in monthly deliveries we
call Shares. These Shares are a carefully curated mix of local, high quality items that represent a
share of a whole animal.

Learn more from our 2020 B Corp Report here: Walden B Corp Report 2020

Have questions? Give us a holler at 978.362.8642 or email us at info@waldenlocalmeat.com

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