What restaurants source from Walden?

I’d love to have a list of restaurants that source their meat from Walden.
There is one near me that I know of: Mainly Burgers (mainelyburgers.com, locations in Cambridge and Brighton Mass). If I’m near that neighborhood, or need to pick a place to meet a friend, it’s my go-to. Knowing you’re being served quality meats is important to me. If I knew of others, they’d also be on my personal short list.

Hi Alex! Thanks for asking this. We sell to a handful of foodservice accounts, Mainely being one of our longest-running partnerships and all of their burgers use our 100% grass-fed ground beef.

WeCo Hospitality buys meat and salami occasionally for their home delivery service

Bit Bar in Salem uses our ground beef

Dragon Pizza in Somerville uses our bacon on their pizza

The Keep in Lowell uses our ground beef

Rexicana in Marshfield uses our pork sausage and pulled pork

Lamplighter Brewery serves our salami at their Cambridge Crossing location, and uses our ham, bacon, and chicken at their Broadway location

Nashoba Brook Bakery Cafe in Concord uses our ham, sausage, eggs, and milk

Iggy’s Bakery in Cambridge uses our milk, pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, and eggs

Sonsie and Rochambeau in Back Bay use our eggs

Dumpling Daughter (several locations) uses our pork for dumplings and buns

This list will surely continue to grow over time, but hopefully gets you a few new places to check out and support. Please let me know if you have any more questions!

If you visit any of the above, feel free to tell them you’re there because they buy from Walden, it can never hurt to have more reinforcement from our members and supporters.