What will I get each month? Can I customize my share or add to it?

Each 6-7lb complete share generally comes with one pound of ground beef, 1 type of sausage and/or bacon, and the remaining 4lbs a mix of cuts that you specify in the order form (either roasts or steaks/chops/ribs). Larger sizes are generally the same proportion of cuts (e.g. a 10-lb share starts with 2lbs of ground beef and a sausage, plus 8lbs of cuts you specify). You can opt out of anything you do not like (beef/pork/chicken or specific items) or update your preferences anytime via our member site. You can also choose a completely customized share and pick only what you want. Each month we release a list of seasonal specials, which are available on your member page. Make sure to tag us @waldenlocalmeat when you open your share!