Is it organic? Is your beef really grass fed?

Although all of our suppliers pledge not to use pesticides, herbicides or antibiotics of any kind, not all of our suppliers have pursued USDA organic certification because it is tremendously costly for small producers. We have found that there are other, perhaps more important, indicators of quality and sustainability. Most beef that is certified organic still comes from a cow raised in a feedlot, where it is fed corn or grain, which is completely unnatural for a grazing animal. Although it’s great that the corn is organic, any type of grain wreaks havoc on a cow’s digestive system and produces meat that is much less healthy: higher in saturated fat and the “bad-fat” Omega-6s. We think our own standards are much tougher; you can learn more about them on our standards page. Our beef is 100% grass-fed and finished – they receive no grain, no soy, no corn, and no wheat ever.