New offerings/request?

I would love it if you offered goat kefir and goat cheese. Any chance these are in your future?

Hi Alex!
Thanks so much for this feedback! We don’t currently have any contacts in mind who could completely fit with our standards for grass-fed and pasture-raised dairy, but we are always on the lookout and open to suggestions :slight_smile:

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Hey there! One of Walden’s partner farms, Brookford Farm over in Canterbury NH, makes kefir. :slight_smile:

@Langwidere do you know if Brookford Farm does Goat Kefir? Curious since that is what @Alex appears to be looking for. As Ceilidh mentioned, Walden doesn’t have any partners who could meet our standards for goat kefir today, but we do partner with Family Farmstead Dairy to offer a grass-fed (cow milk) kefir: Walden Local

Hey there! At this time, Brookford Farm only does cow kefir. However, they offer a fantastic goat skyr from Villa Villekulla Farm in Vermont:

@Langwidere that’s a great suggestion. Lauren from Villa Villekula is a friend of mine and makes a great product. She’s a tiny operation (I think she has less than 10 goats) and I’m not sure her product is available outside the state of Vermont, but if you’re able to get your hands on it, would highly recommend!

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@vince That’s fantastic! I am a huge fan of Lauren’s skyr made from her hand-hugged goats, and I hope to meet her one day. We are very, very lucky to get her skyr in New Hampshire thanks to Brookford Farm. And we found Brookford Farm thanks to Walden. So thank you so much, Walden. <3