New Walden Packs

We have a series of new packs up on our monthly specials. These are collections of items to help inspire meal ideas, and will save you a little money in the process (10% - 15% discount)! Thank you for supporting small, local, industrious farmers and businesses!

Breakfast Taco Pack

Who doesn’t like a breakfast taco? Pasture-raised eggs, maple bacon, organic corn tortillas, chorizo, cheddar, and our own Grant’s Phenomenal Hot Sauce - everything made right in your back yard!

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Meat & Cheese Pack

Local Rosemary Garlic bread fresh from Nashoba Brook Bakery, Red Wine Salami, Juniper Salami, and our delicious cheddar - everything you need for a local, sustainable Charcuterie board!

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Pancake Breakfast Pack

What’s better than a warm pancake breakfast on a cold winter morning? Pasture-raised eggs, maple sausage brick (so you can make your own patties!), unsalted grass-fed butter, A2 organic grass-fed whole milk, and fresh-milled mighty pancake mix! Take your pancakes to the next level!

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Sweet Treats Pack

Treat yourself! Hot Chocolate from Lake Champlain, Wellfleet Sea Salt chocolate and Sconset Brown Butter Sage chocolate (both from Chequessett)! Have a decadent evening and enjoy these amazing sweets!

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