Sequivity mRNA pork vaccine

I have been informed from a credible source that an mRNA vaccine called “Sequivity” has been approved by the FDA and is now being injected into americas pork supply.

Can you please reassure us that mRNA injections will not be used in the pork Walden sources?

Hi there,
Our stance at Walden remains that our farmers do vaccinate our herds (as is recommended for their health and safety), but the diseases they vaccinate for are not using or testing mRNA vaccines. While we don’t anticipate it coming up, we’ve also directed our partners to not administer any mRNA vaccines without consulting Walden first. Specific to your question, our partner farmers are not using the Sequivity vaccine.

Let us know if we can answer anything else for you!

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Hi Ceilidh,
Thank you for the reply.
I let my Walden local lapse last year, and once I heard about the Pork mRNA vaccine use, I came back to see if I could get my Pork here. This reply is a great start, however, for someone like me, I need it clearly labelled and mentioned on the main ordering page for me to return.
For my family, this is a deal breaker, and I would bet I am not alone.
Thank you

Thanks so much for sharing this feedback with us. We hope to have you as a member of our community again in the future!