What to do with all that ground beef - add recipes!

Taco soup!

I made a few changes:

  • a little heavy on the spices
  • added minced jalepeno and scallion whites to the sauté
  • topped with scallion greens, cilantro, and cojita. Cojita is a must.
  • only used 2.5 c broth. Made it meatier.

Thanks so much for sharing!! What a great option for taco Tuesday during soup season!

Egg roll Bowl! I used the bulk garlic ginger sausage. Few changes - used fresh cabbage, ginger etc. added rooster sauce and yum yum. Thinking I want to find a better Chinese sauce. Not bad though. Will make again.

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Delicious! Pork egg roll in a bowl is a favorite in our office too!! Great choice to use the ground garlic and ginger sausage :slight_smile:

Lasagna soup!

Way easier for a lazy Sunday. Now- I used the recipe from cozycook and wasn’t totally happy. It lacked some hearty flavor. I see real potential here though- so next time I’m going to use the recipe from Carlsbad Cravings.

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